• Not for everyone:

    Closed Communication.

    The strict definition of communication partners ensures that information only goes where it's intended to go.

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  • As reliable as authentication on-site.

    VideoID by VNC enables the secure, doubt-free identification of business partners even when it is not possible on-site.

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Security creates trust.

VNC SecureCommunication has been designed to create a basis for secure communication by e-mail. The VNC SecureCommunication framework is open, scalable and based on the world's leading Commercial Open Source technologies. For enterprises, this does not only mean an affordable operation of this solution but also full control of all data and components.

High Performance Components

Closed Communication Groups

VNCtrustbase guarantees secure communication based on Zimbra Collaboration Suite and enables the setup of tap-proof, closed communication groups. VNCtrustbase comes with unique features for legally binding signatures of electronic documents, end-to-end encryption of all messages and the unequivocal identification through WebRTC. VNCtrustbase has been built on proven Open Source technologies that represent an additional layer of security for businesses and organizations.

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Legally binding electronic signatures

VNCesign is a framework for Zimbra which enables users to create legally binding electronic signatures for digital documents - fully protected, without physical paper trail and in full compliance with all applicable legal requirements in terms of data protection and information security. VNCesign is based on outstanding Commercial Open Source components - for a maximum of transparency and security.

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Highly secure business infrastructure

The VNC infrastructure Stack is the technical foundation of the SecureCommunication framework and consists of proven hardware and software components for high performance and reliability. It includes fast, scalable and geographically redundant storage systems, flexible virtualization, backup systems, monitoring and highly available, fail-safe servers, the capacity of which can be adapted to any conceivable requirement. 

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Made for complex groupware environments

With VNCmiddleware we have created a unique middleware solution that enables an easy customization, extension and automation of complex groupware environments based on Zimbra. It provides unparalleled flexibility, scalability and update-security.

VNCmiddleware's modular architecture enables managers to easily add new features, allows for a quick implementation and the integration with any existing system environment.

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Commercial Open Source solutions made by VNC

VNC develops powerful Commercial Open Source solutions that enable companies and organizations to fully leverage their existing potential. That way they help you increase your business performance while reducing your operational cost (TOC, compared to other, proprietary solutions). VNC's cloud-ready software covers everything from communication, customer relationship management and collaboration, to marketing, production, ERP and project management. All our solutions are web based, platform independent and useable on any device, no matter where in the world you are.

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